1.Product composition.


-Sleeve : 1

-Disc : 2

-Booklet : 1. 16p

-Photo card : 2


2.Size(mm) 140*190mm




01 The 1st class Begins

02 정리해 Relation

03 해줄래

04 신기해 Rarity [Feat,X.Q]

05 야반도주 Midnight Travel [Feat,개코]

06 All Blue

07 떠나보낼수없어 I can't let you go

08 아무것도 아니야 Nothing

09 University in the house



01 정리해 Relation (Instrumental)

02 해줄래 (Instrumental)

03 신기해 Rarity [Feat,X.Q] (Instrumental)

04 야반도주 Midnight Travel [Feat,개코] (Instrumental)

05 All Blue (Instrumental)


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(Global Shipping) 유니버시티 (University) 1st class [2CD] Special Album

SKU: 3642153751351910
  • 1.Product composition.


    -Sleeve : 1

    -Disc : 2

    -Booklet : 1. 16p

    -Photo card : 2


    2.Size(mm) 140*190mm